5 Common Integration Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Using a software integration tool has benefits but it can also have challenges. At Autofy, we can typically clear up an issue with a quick phone call or email, but to help you avoid that, we’ve compiled the top 5 common mistakes users make and how you can avoid them:

  1. Common mistake: Customer/item/vendor names don’t match exactly.

  • How to fix it: QuickBooks enforces name matching so Autofy follows suit. Before using Autofy, make sure your customer/item/vendor names match up exactly. This takes some manual effort, but it’s good practice before starting any syncs to limit duplicates. (This also applies to anything you would sync with a “name,” such as payment method or terms.)
  1. Common mistake: Ensuring Autofy is running before syncing.

  • How to avoid this: The Autofy Agent needs to be on anytime a sync is attempted. In addition, the user must be logged into the Windows User account associated with Autofy.

PRO TIP: Picking a good computer/user is key if the user needs 100% uptime with Autofy:

  • Pick a computer that is rarely turned off and has a reliable internet connection
  • If possible, do not limit the computer too heavily with web traffic – this can limit what autofy is doing too
  • Servers are great for this as they are usually on; however, servers also tend to disconnect the user session if you aren’t actively remoted into the server. If possible, leave the user session active via server configuration; otherwise, a user will sometimes need to remote into the server for a sync to run.
  • If you must choose a personal pc or laptop, install Autofy on one that is on most of the time and is being actively used by someone

The following will cause the Autofy Agent to not run and/or prevent syncs:

  • Autofy Agent is turned off
  • Computer is turned off
  • Computer is running but asleep
  • Computer (server) is running but no user is logged in where Autofy is setup
  • Computer loses internet connectivity
  1. Common mistake: Customer or item hierarchies are not aligned

  • How to fix it: Bring each system into alignment by selecting which computer should stay as is and update the other system to match that hierarchy.
  1. Common mistake: Autofy is not installed in the same location as QuickBooks.

  • How to avoid this: Different applications have different rules, but in general the Autofy Agent must be installed on a machine where QuickBooks is also installed.
  1. Common mistake: Running full syncs right away.

  • How to avoid this: Take your time and run some tests. Review the Tasks and Mapping for any step you plan on running to understand how and what Autofy is syncing. Use Preview Mode and/or Single Record Sync to run limited tests against known records. This will allow you to confirm that the mapping and any filters are working as intended.

If, after you’ve tried these solutions and still have an issue, please contact us at support@getautofy.com, M-F 8:30am-5:00pm CT, or visit our FAQ at https://support.propelware.com.

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