April Updates

We’re releasing some improvements to existing functionality in Autofy, and a few goodies added as well. Here’s a rundown!


  • Status Center now loads snappier, and you can more easily drill into records listed there.
  • The purchase process has been streamlined, and it’s now more clear when your trial has expired, or that a certain license level has been filtered down for you.
  • The Agent has had a major update to its internals — you should now notice that it’s “stickier” at staying connected to Autofy services, as well as the app it’s connected to.


  • You can now test a single record to sync, on a per Workflow step basis. For each Workflow step you have, you’ll see a new button that lets you name a single record to, well, sync. This will still respect the filters you have in place, so if your record doesn’t make it across, review your filters and try again.
  • There is a new support portal for Autofy! Click Help at the top of the page just like always, and you’ll see all the freshest help content and best practices.

As always, chat us online or email Support if you have questions. Happy syncing!

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