Why We Created Autofy: To Automate Business

Photo by Alphacolor 13 on Unsplash

Getting into business has always been hard. You have a product or service to supply to the world, but then have to grind it out day by day to sell one customer after another. Only those with a unique drive can persist and make this happen through all the ups and downs. Small businesses are…

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Four Ways to Make QuickBooks Integration Easy

So you finally decided that entering data into QuickBooks is a painful activity… Since the day I started using QuickBooks almost 20 years ago, there has always been the thought that “there has to be better way.” QuickBooks has done a good job of automatically importing what data it can from bank feeds and other…

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How to create invoices right from Salesforce

Salesforce.com is the leading CRM and a great choice for companies who wish to track customer information and create custom workflows for their use. Tracking Accounts, Leads, Opportunities and such is super important for companies and their sales reps. It’s a CRM. It should be good at this stuff. Where Salesforce leaves off is after…

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December Updates

It’s been a busy end of the year here at Propelware — we’re adding lots of good stuff to Autofy and slaying (squishing) many dragons (bugs)! Here’s the latest: Updated [NEW] Grey dot statuses in the sync progress window and Status Center now indicate records that were successfully found, but filtered out [NEW] Within a Grey dot,…

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October Updates

It’s been a busy few months here at Autofy, and we have a bunch of good stuff releasing over a few week time span. The general theme for us was user on-boarding — we want to make it really easy for users to get started with their QuickBooks integration, and you’ll see more on that theme in…

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April Updates

We’re releasing some improvements to existing functionality in Autofy, and a few goodies added as well. Here’s a rundown! Fixes Status Center now loads snappier, and you can more easily drill into records listed there. The purchase process has been streamlined, and it’s now more clear when your trial has expired, or that a certain…

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