December Updates

It’s been a busy end of the year here at Propelware — we’re adding lots of good stuff to Autofy and slaying (squishing) many dragons (bugs)! Here’s the latest:


  • [NEW] Grey dot statuses in the sync progress window and Status Center now indicate records that were successfully found, but filtered out
  • [NEW] Within a Grey dot, Autofy will also tell you why a record was filtered out (your filter)
  • Better handling of QB Desktop custom fields
  • Failed login attempt limit increased from 3 to 10 (type your password over 3x more casually!)
  • Trial users now get the benefit of field mapping in the Mapper


  • Garbled text is no longer seen on page load in the top nav bar
  • Getting timed out, then logging back in won’t send you to a random corner of the galaxy
  • Single Record Sync now properly saves your settings before running
  • The sync progress window more reliably dismisses after a Single Record Sync
  • Local times should now properly display in the website UI
  • Miscellaneous UI fixes

Stay tuned for much more coming soon, and have a relaxing holiday season!

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