October Updates

It’s been a busy few months here at Autofy, and we have a bunch of good stuff releasing over a few week time span. The general theme for us was user on-boarding — we want to make it really easy for users to get started with their QuickBooks integration, and you’ll see more on that theme in the coming weeks and months. Buckle in, it’s a long list!


  • The Autofy Agent has an improved user interface that will simplify getting set up and connected.
  • Better connectivity between the Agent and Autofy servers.
  • Enhanced support for syncing data with a SQL based system.
  • Now Autofy has the ability to extract data from QB Desktop and turn it into .pdfs. (Custom sync customers only)


  • New users are now welcomed by a wizard that guides them through the process of connecting their first 2 Channels.
  • By default, new users will now see a setting that prevents Autofy from inserting new related data when that data isn’t found in the destination system. This will keep Autofy from accidentally inserting a bunch of new records when that’s not what the user intends. It can be enabled/disabled within certain Workflow steps.
  • Refund receipts in QBO are now supported.
  • More reliable license purchase experience.
  • Better handling of sales tax when it appears on transactions.
  • Support for Sage 50 2018.
  • Fresh new certification through Salesforce’s security review, including improved support for TLS 1.2.
  • Faster and more reliable Workflow setups for our custom sync users.

Autofy Enterprise

  • Autofy Enterprise’s API now accepts start time and end time parameters so you can select more refined sets of data.
  • Various security and logging improvements.

Stay tuned for more, we’re cooking up a fresh batch of good stuff later this fall! As always, reach out with questions, and we’re happy to help.

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