Why We Created Autofy: To Automate Business

Getting into business has always been hard. You have a product or service to supply to the world, but then have to grind it out day by day to sell one customer after another. Only those with a unique drive can persist and make this happen through all the ups and downs.

Small businesses are hard to build. We know, we at Autofy are one too.

So congratulations, you are part of a business that is doing the hard work that it takes to be an inspiration to rest of the world.

But building products and selling is hard enough. Why does managing a business have to be just as difficult? Why all the paperwork and processes just to successfully manage the customer life cycle? Why the extra overhead just to invoice and get paid by customers? Why do I need a five page flowchart just to get a prospect all the way through to a sale and an invoice? Nobody ever started a business just to experience this overhead and headache. Most companies never realize this is real work it takes to be in business.

Solving this problem is why we created Autofy.

Since 2001, we’ve been helping small businesses automate QuickBooks, Salesforce, Shopify, and other apps. We want to make it easier to manage your business and share data across other apps that you use to run your business. We have a passion to automate business in ways no one thought possible.

We’d like to help you out and help your business run with less overhead. Less paperwork. Fewer errors. Less chaos.

Login to Autofy today and create the right automation for your business. If you need help, we’re just an email away. Our passion is to help you automate your business and give you a bit of your day back. Let’s get started today.

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