Key Features

Autofy Salesforce to QuickBooks integration


Autofy comes pre-loaded with workflows to get you up and running quickly, or you can create your own workflow from scratch.

Map data in QuickBooks


Autofy's Mapper lets you define exactly how data should be mapped. It displays all the objects available in QuickBooks, Salesforce, and other apps, as well as custom fields and other information about the objects you want to sync.

QuickBooks cloud or desktop

Cloud or Local

Autofy works with cloud and desktop apps all the same. For desktop apps like QuickBooks, just install our desktop agent.

QiockBooks, Salesforce, Shopify, Amazon Integration


Autofy connects to your apps in just seconds. Make a Channel for QuickBooks, Salesforce, Shopify, or other apps to make them available to your Workflows. Set up as many Channels as you like, and let Autofy keep track of the data.

More Features



Sync automatically on predefined intervals or specific times of day or days of the week.


Alert Notifications

Receive email alerts whenever data does not sync correctly or you need to be notified that there is an error in your data.



The Autofy dashboard gives a quick glimpse into how your sync is performing and if there are any data alerts that need to be addressed.


Status Center

See a history of your integration and records previously processed. Uncover any errors and re-process your data.



When creating a workflow, you can filter records out and process them based on fields and values you set.


Task View

The Autofy Task View lets you visually see the flow of your integration and how the data will process.


Single Record Sync

Process an individual record to test out your integration and make sure it works just the way you want.



Not sure what records will sync? Previews let you view all the records that are queued up and ready to process on the next sync and tells you which ones will be filtered out.



Autofy's support is 100% included in your subscription.

Data entry virtually eliminated
Data entry virtually eliminated