Autofy Web Agent


Connect QuickBooks Desktop to your App, Without Web Connector.

Connect your app to one API and open the door to reliable, flexible, branded integration for your users. Get real-time access to two million QuickBooks Desktop companies.

What Autofy Web Agent Does

A modern alternative to Web Connector


Connect to any Web Connector app

The Autofy Web Agent can connect to any app that Web Connector supports.  Just drop in your QWC file and keep syncing.  Supports unlimited connections.


Sync automatically or on demand

Like the Web Connector, the Autofy Web Agent can sync data automatically.  But even better, it can sync on demand, for when you need to test.


Backed by a team of experts

Say goodbye to forums and Google searches.  Autofy supports you 100% with expert developers that know QuickBooks integration inside and out.

How It Works

Be up and running in just a few minutes.


QWC file

Drop in the QWC file of your choice and you're connected.



Connect to QuickBooks in one click.


Multiple Connections

Add as many connections as you like, remove the ones you don't need.


Sync Trigger Options

Click to sync, or sync automatically.



​Are you a developer? Ditch SOAP and go with REST​

Autofy Web Agent for QuickBooks Desktop

The Web Agent is coming soon!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really add any Web Connector compatible app to the Autofy Web Agent?

A: Yes. Because the Web Agent supports Web Connector files, you just need to add them to the Web Agent.  Plus, you can add as many of them as you like, and they'll appear as connections on the home screen.

When will the Autofy Web Agent be available to users?

A: Soon!  Submit your info below to be notified when the Autofy Web Agent is ready.  Once it is, you'll be given access to download and install it.

I'm a developer. Do I have to use SOAP in my web app to use the Web Agent?

A: No. The Web Agent supports REST API functionality as an alternative to SOAP.  Apps have been forced to use SOAP for years with Web Connector, but no more!

How long does it take to get this up and running?

A: Just a few minutes. All you need to do is install the Web Agent, register your email, drop in your QWC file, and go.

Do you really plan on supporting this and answering my questions if I have trouble?

A: Yes! Your monthly fee gets you full support, and the Autofy team stands behind the Autofy Web Agent.

I really want feature X. Will you build this for me?

A: We want any and all product feedback you can send us. We use this to decide what the next feature release should be. So vote early and vote often! (Well, just contact us through support.)