Shopify Integration With QuickBooks


Automatically sync orders, and eliminate data entry errors with Autofy.

Autofy automatically enters orders, keeps your accounting straight, syncs inventory, and more by connecting your Shopify store directly with QuickBooks Desktop or Online. Forget about manual data entry, and start saving time!

What Autofy Does

Full integration of Shopify and QuickBooks


Sync Orders

Autofy processes all orders seamlessly from Shopify into QuickBooks. Create a single daily summary sales receipt that combines all items sold for the day, or have Autofy enter them individually on a per-order basis.


Sync Customers

Customers sync to QuickBooks when Orders are synced.  Autofy can enter individual Customers, or one generic customer if syncing daily.


Sync Products

Inventory counts available in QuickBooks are updated in Shopify to make sure your online store is always up to date with the proper inventory.

Sync Your Way

Daily Summaries or Individual Orders Use Your Shipping, Handling, and Discount Items Generic or Individual Customers

QuickBooks Shopify integration options

How Autofy Works

Be up and running in under 5 minutes!


Connect Apps

Connect your apps to Autofy.


Sync Data

Sync data as it's created or modified.



Notifications are sent if anything looks wrong.


Sync Trigger Options

Trigger syncs yourself, or automate them.


Status Center

A full list of all the records Autofy synced.


Autofy Support

Lots of support options are included in your subscription.

Autofy Shopify to Quickbooks integration

Frequently Asked Questions

Which versions of QuickBooks do you support?

We support all editions of QuickBooks Desktop, 2009 forward.  We also support all versions of QuickBooks Online.

Is it easy to set up?

Yes!  Autofy has a template sync already set up for you, with the most popular settings, so you don't have to build your sync from scratch.

How often does Autofy sync data with Shopify?

You can choose a number of options, from once per day, down to once every few minutes.  If processing daily summary orders, then Autofy will run once per day.

Does Autofy put in new customers for me when orders come in?

Yes, but only if you have Autofy process orders individually.  If you choose to process in daily summary orders, then Autofy re-uses the same generic customer you set up.

What am I choosing with "My Shopify Customer" or "My Shopify Item Name"?

This is where you tell Autofy which generic customer or generic item to use, if Autofy is processing daily summary orders in QuickBooks, or you just want to use a generic item in QuickBooks to simplify accounting.

What does Shipping Item, Handling Item, and Discount Item mean?

These are the exact item names you have set up in your QuickBooks to track each one.  For example, your QuickBooks item list may have an item in it dedicated to capturing shipping cost.  The name of this item is what you put in your Autofy settings.

What should I set Autofy to sync to in QuickBooks, Sales Receipts or Invoices...or something else?

We think the best choice by far is Sales Receipt.  This is because in ecommerce, the customer pays for your product at the time of order.  QuickBooks Sales Receipts are like an Invoice and Payment all in one, so we almost always recommend that you use Sales Receipts.

How do I get started?

Click "Try It Free" to create and Autofy account. It's free for 14 days!

How can I get help or ask questions?

Several ways - you can click the chat bubble in the lower right on this page, click Contact Us at the bottom, or email for help.

Data entry virtually eliminated
Data entry virtually eliminated